Our Offshore Medical Coding Outsourcing AAPC-certified coders provide many services, including:

CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS Coding

Our medical coders are thoroughly trained with respect to current documentation and coding guidelines and are updated regularly on the latest developments of Local Medical Review Policies (LMRP), Correct Coding Initiative (CCI), payer-specific requirements and any state or federal government compliance issues

Short-term Coding Projects

Our experts can also assist on your short term medical coding requirements.

Analysis of Claim Denials

Our experts make sure to understand coding related denials and identify the root cause to overcome the same kind of denials in future. There are two types of coding errors, Up-coding (or over-coding) which will result in denial. Down-coding (or under-coding) that will result in reimbursement much lower than what you deserve.

Code Utilization Reports

Outsourcing to our offshore medical coding outsourcing provides transparency in our coding methodology to ensure consistency and eliminate the risk of errors. Clients receive regular feedback on coding changes, front office documentation practices, and periodic reports, such as utilization reviews, case-mix reviews, and coding-related denial analysis.

Fee Schedule Developments

Our Coding experts are experienced in reimbursement and regulatory issues to help you obtain optimal reimbursement for their services

Medical Coding Outsourcing solutions can be customized for any type of medical facility. Some of the medical establishments that we have the expertise to support are:

   Individual Physicians
   Physician Groups
   Multi-Specialty Groups

   Surgical Centers
   Free-standing Diagnostic Facilities

   Acute care Facilities
   Long-term care Facilities

Our Medical Coding Outsourcing Coding Experts bring expertise in various specialties –

   General Surgery
   Internal Medicine

   Plastic Surgery
   Cardiovascular Surgery
   Emergency Medicine
   Family Practice

   Nuclear Medicine
   Pain Management