About Us

We are a leading medical coding service company located in New Jersey, USA.

Medical coding is a very critical job, the interpretation of medical charts that needs to be coded with the right diagnosis and procedure code is very important. Every coder has to follow rules, regulations and guidelines for a claim to be paid. Every year the ICD-10 codes are updated with new addition and deletions to nearly 70,000 codes. The accuracy in medical coding is very important. Accurate coding is a critical part of any medical practice success because it directly relates to the claims reimbursement and revenues. Having a certified medical coding certificate from AAPC adds more value.

Hire a coder or outsource your coding work?

Finding a certified coder, buying coding books and tools to support coding functions can be very difficult and expensive.

Medical coding outsourcing helps hospitals, healthcare providers and medical billing companies with a one-stop-solution for all your coding needs. Our certified coders have a vast experience in coding ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS and HCC coding. Our certified coders have in-depth knowledge of coding in 35+ specialties. Our coders adhere to some of the best practices and recognized coding standards. We have dedicated and expert resource to deliver cost-effective coding solutions.

If you are interested or want to know more about our coding services call (213) 291-8879 or drop us an email at info@medicalcodingoutsourcing.com