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A career in the medical profession is a challenge, adventure and competition. One can belong to any of the fields of medical science. One can be a doctor, medical officer, pharmaceutical manager and administrator of a hospital, nurse, medical transcriptor, medical biller, medical coder and much more. However, medical careers are particularly related to the manufacturing, business administrative and management fields of medicine. Among all the careers, one of the most intriguing and interesting fields is that of medical coding.

Medical coding requires a great deal of analyzing and understanding. The average salary for a medical coder is not at all bad. This can be understood through the application of straight and simple economics. There is a considerable rise in the price for those products and services whose supply diminishes, or whose demand increases. In case of the profession of medical coders, the demand has considerably risen over the last few years. As more health tests are performed and there is closer scrutiny of healthcare, the role and importance of this profession is also on the rise, as is the salary.

Medical coders work in a variety of healthcare offices, 37 per cent in hospitals. The average salary ranges from about twenty to twenty five thousand dollars, but this amount varies from organization to organization and from time to time.

However, the upper limit sometimes touches and even crosses over thirty-eight to forty thousand dollars, but the lower limit also falls below sixteen thousand dollars. "But with the advancement of one's career, this amount seldom dips".

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